Ignou Yoga Course

ignou yoga course
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Finally, the ignou introduces IGNOU YOGA COURSE. The students are demanding this course from ignou for a very long time. Finally, the candidates can get the opportunity from ignou to enroll for the ignou yoga course.

The Ignou yoga course is introduced in July 2019.

The candidates who are willing to join the ignou yoga course in 2020

will be the 2-second batch of students.

Overview of ignou yoga course

Ignou introduces this course in July 2019 under the IGNOU’s School Of Health Science (SOHS).

The Students of the Ignou Yoga Course will get a certificate in Yoga.

The main highlight of the ignou yoga course is that Ignou introduces this course as an Ignou yoga and Naturopathy course.

The ignou yoga course is made under the supervision of Professor S.B. Arora.

According to him, the candidate who is interested to learn yoga and Naturopathy and also take advantage of the course in their real-life are welcome.

In the ignou yoga course, the students will understand the basic principle and practice of yoga. Ignou yoga course also makes the students aware of the history, glories, and contribution of Yogis in the field of yoga.

Who can apply in Ignou Yoga Course?

Eligibility of candidates:- Class 10+2, in any stream

Duration:- 6 months to 2 years

(you can complete this program in a minimum of 6 months or maximum in 2 years. Totally depends upon you and the time you get)

The medium of Instruction:-  English

Fees Structure:- Rupees 10,000*/- For full Programme

The course is available in a few Regional Centres (as per July 2019 data):-

  1. DELHI
  3. PUNE

Benefits of the Ignou Yoga Course…

Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy 

Program Code:- YND3003

The program will offer 3 courses with 16 credits

The 3 courses are like:- (image)


The ignou yoga course is a valuable course as it is solely developed for the candidates who have a keen interest in yoga.

The certificate of ignou yoga course is valuable.

As mentioned above the course has 3 types and with 16 credits.

You will get all the knowledge of yoga and also about ancient yoga.

It’s not only that you will get a certificate, but you will also get great knowledge of yoga. It is important for anyone to have knowledge.

And ignou university is a reputed university it is valuable.

Noticeable alumni from ignou…(link to ignou article)

for further details email- [email protected]

Registration/enrollment in Ingou Yoga Course

The candidates who are willing to become one of the candidates who want to grab the opportunity are at the right place know.

This opportunity is suitable for all the aspirants to enroll for the ignou yoga course.

The candidates have to visit the official website of ignou for registration 

or can visit the regional center if possible.

Both online and offline are useful for the candidates.

You need certain documents such as

  • Aadhar card
  • Phone number
  • E-mail Id
  • Photograph 
  • The academic certificates ( class 10, class 12 and bachelors degree, etc)
  • Work Experience Certificate
  • Soft copy of Signature (in the online mode of form submission)

Just in case if the form applied by offline mode the hard copy is needed (obviously photocopy of original documents) otherwise in online mode you have to apply with a scanned copy of the original documents (soft copy). 

You should apply this form with course fees Rupees 10000*

by debit card, in case online transaction charges will apply* or in offline only need 10000* rupees this time.

What is Naturopathy?

It is a study of medicine based on the theory that diseases can be cured without medicines. 

In this, there are various techniques to cure such diseases like fat, etc; by making a diet chart, exercises and massage.

It is simply that it can cure and help people to live a healthy life.

The demand for naturopathy is increasing because people are willing to live a healthy life cycle as the standard of living is increased.

Can a person earn from this ignou yoga course?

Definitely, a person can earn after completing Ignou Yoga Course.

As mentioned above that it is an Ignou yoga and Naturopathy course

the demand for this course is rapidly increasing.

The candidate can start his/her career as a

  1. Yoga trainer
  2. Yoga teaching institute
  3. Yogic guru (some tv channels cast the yogic guru and telecast their teaching)
  4. Join Multi-National Companies (as to give advice to the company employer)

Surprisingly can work overseas

Yes, it is true that you can work overseas as well.

Because of increased awareness of Yoga World Wide.

This time the international 2020 Yoga day is on

Sunday, June 21

The pay scale in this will depend on your skill and you will be paid on the basis of hours.

You can except Rs 1000*/- per hour per person.

Simple maths as you have more clients you will get more pay.

It is the best source of income in the 21 century.

As you all know in Gym people have to lift heavyweight and do excessive

exercise. People are tired of these things.

Known people are slowly shifting to Yoga and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also creating awareness.

The demand is rapidly and steadily increasing. 

For Example, an office person can’t go to the gym because of the lack of time and also because of tiredness.

Here the responsibility shift towards you.

And the ignou yoga course will definitely help you.

It is not only in earning terms but it is also for you to live a healthy life.

It is a win-win situation for you.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity.


All details mentioned above are taken from the official source.

we wanted to help all the candidates who want to become part of this University.

we hope we have mentioned all the problems or questions that you are looking for. If not you can list your questions in the comment section and we will try to solve your queries.

If any suggestion please comment down below we will try to improve.

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