Ignou ba course
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Ignou BA Course from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) can be done in both formal and non-formal scheme.

The BA stands for Bachelor Of Arts.”

The non-formal scheme consists of all those students who have not clear 10+2 or equivalent exams they are supposed to give Ignou’s (BPPBACHELOR’S PREPARATORY PROGRAMME, so they will be eligible for the Ignou Ba course.

The formal scheme consists of all those students who have passed the class 10+2 or equivalent exam.


Ignou BA Course can be done in two ways For example

There are two BA course:-

  1. BA Major
  2. BA General

Ignou BA Major Course is available for all the candidates in

English, Hindi, Economics, Mathematics, Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy and Psychology.

The candidates can choose the above-mentioned programs with BA.

However, Students can also go for Ignou BA General Course

if the candidates are not interested in the above-mentioned discipline.

So the candidates have an independent choice in Ignou BA Course.

Students can select for all the number of credits (discipline) for admission or re-registration in the Ignou BA Course.

For example:- Ba with English and Economics.

So the students are advised to be careful while filling the admission form. If the candidates are not able to understand the admission process he/she can contact the regional center or also can visit the regional center.

The IGNOU BA COURSE comes under the category of Ignou’s Bachelor Degree Programmes (BDP).

The students can fill up the admission form from the online ignou’s official website.

Candidates can apply for the ignou ba course from January 2020.

Eligibility for admission in Ignou BA Course

The candidates can complete it’s Ignou Ba Course in the minimum 3 (three) years. Candidates can take the course with 32 credits per year.


You have to choose the combination mentioned below with the BA Courses

  1. FEG 1 Or FHD 2
  2. FEG 2 Or BHDF1

(with any of the Indian languages. For Example:- Hindi, Urdu, and English.)

      3. BSHF 101 and FST 1

All these FEG 1, FEG 2, BHDF1, FST1, BSHF 101, FHD 2


Such as 

FST 1 is (Foundation course in science and technology)

BSHF 101 is (Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences)

This 2 program is mandatory for the students they have to take this course in there 1 first and 2 second years.

 All these courses have some credits by the end of the ignou ba course candidates have to complete it’s 32 points.

The table mentioned below will give you a brief about the programs that have to be taken with the ignou ba course.

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
Compulsory Courses
BSHF 101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
FST 1 Foundation Course in Science & Technology 8
FEG 1 Foundation Course in English-1 Choose any one 4
FHD 2 Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4
Optional Courses (Choose any one)
FAS 1 Assamese 4
FBG 1 Bengali 4
FEG 2 English 4
FGT 1 Gujarati 4
BHDF 101 Hindi 4
FKD 1 Kannada 4
FML 1 Malayalam 4
FMT 1 Marathi 4
FOR 1 Oriya 4
FPB 1 Punjabi 4
FTM 1 Tamil 4
FTG 1 Telugu 4
FUD 1 Urdu 4
BSKF 1 Sanskrit 4
BBHF 1 Bhojpuri 4
BMAF 1 Maithilee 4
Total Credits 24

If you still confuse you can contact or visit the regional center………………….

Ignou BA courses program

As mentioned above the candidates who are interested in Ignou BA Course have the opportunity to freely choose any course with Ba course.

Students should understand that as Ignou is the open university, the student has a wide variety, of course, to choose with Ba course.

The list of courses is very big and the prospective candidates have to select around 64* credits from the given table below.

The student who wanted to choose Ignou BA course with maths are most welcomed because ignou give this opportunity to every student to choose it’s favored subject but we recommend you that you should be studied maths in class 10+2 because of some topics of that level is present in this maths.

Students can select courses from a particular discipline with a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 48 credits.

Table of ignou ba foundation from word

Course Code Title of the Course   Credits
  IGNOU BA Hindi Subjects    
BHDE 101 Hindi Gadya   8
EHD 2 Hindi Kavya   8
EHD 3 Ancient history of hindi   8
EHD 4 Ancient history of hindi   8
EHD 5 Advance India   8
BHDE 106 Hindi language: Ancient history of hindi   8
BHDE 107 Hindi Sanrachna   8
BHDE 108 Functional Hindi   8
  IGNOU BA English Subjects    
BEGE 101 From Language to Literature   8
BEGE 102 The Modern English   8
BEGE 103 Communication Skills in English   8
BEGE 104 English for Business Communication   8
BEGE 105 Understanding Prose   8
EEG 6 Understanding poetry   8
BEGE 107 Understanding Drama   8
BEGE 108 Reading the Novel   8
  IGNOU BA Urdu Subjects    
BULE 1 Elements of Urdu Structure   8
BULE 2 History of Urdu Language   8
BULE 3 Urdu Poetry   8
BULE 4 Urdu Fiction   8
BULE 5 Urdu Non-Fiction Prose   8
BULE 6 History of Urdu Literature   8
 IGNOU BA Political Science Subjects    
EPS 11 Political Ideas and Ideologies   8
BPSE 212 Government and Politics of India   8
EPS 3 Modern Indian Political Thought   8
EPS 6 Government of East and South East Asia   8
EPS 7 International Relations   8
EPS 8 Government and Politics of Australia   8
EPS 9 Comparative Government and Politics   8
EPS 15 South Asian:- Economy, Society and Politics   8
 IGNOU BA History Subjects    
EHI 1 Modern India: 1857-1964   8
EHI 2 Earliest time of India   8
EHI 3 Period of 8th to 15th Century A.D. in India   8
EHI 4 Period of 16th to Mid-18th Century in India   8
EHI 5 Period of Mid 18 to19th Century in India   8
EHI 6 History of China and Japan   8
EHI 7 Modern Europe: Mid 18 to 20 Century   8
 IGNOU BA Economics Subjects    
BECE 15 Basic Maths Methods in Economics   8
BECE 16 Economic Development   8
BECE 107 Industrial Development in India   8
ECE 10 National Income Accounting   8
ECE 11 Fundamentals of Economics   8
BECE 2 Indian Economic Development   8
ECE 13 Elementary Statistical Methods   8
BECE 214 Agricultural Development in India   8
 IGNOU BA Public Administration Subjects    
EPA 1 Administrative Theory   8
BPAE 102 Indian Administration   8
EPA 3 Development Administration   8
EPA 4 Personnel Administration   8
EPA 5 Financial Administration   8
EPA 6 Public Policy   8
  IGNOU BA Sociology Subjects    
ESO 11 The Study of Society   8
ESO 12 Society in India   8
ESO 13 Sociological Thought   8
ESO 14 Society and Stratification   8
ESO 15 Society and Religion   8
ESO 16 Social Problems in India   8
  IGNOU BA Philosophy Subjects    
BPY 1 Indian ideology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 2 Logic: Classical and Symbolic (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 3 Ancient ideology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 4 Religions of the World (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 5 Indian ideology: – 2 part (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 6 Modern Western ideology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 7 Metaphysics (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 8 Ethics (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 9 Coexisting Western ideology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 10 Epistemology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 11 Philosophy of Human being (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPY 12 Philosophy of Science & Cosmology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPYE 1 Religion of Philosophy (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
BPYE 2 Tribal and Dalit ideology (Both have to be chosen at once) 4
 IGNOU BA Psychology (Study of the Mind) Subjects    
BPC 1 General Psychology/study of mind (Both have to be chosen at once)            4
BPC 2 Developmental Psychology/study of mind (Both have to be chosen at once)            4
BPC 3 Research Methods in Psychology/study of mind (Both have to be chosen at once)            4
BPC 4 Statistics in Psychology/study of mind (Both have to be chosen at once)            4
BPC 5 Theories of Personality/character (To be taken together) 4
BPC 6 Social Psychology/study of mind (To be taken together) 4
BPCL 7* Psychological Testing (To be taken together) 4
BPCL 8* Experimental Psychology (To be taken together) 4
BPCE 11 School Psychology/study of mind   4
BPCE 13 Motivation and Emotion   4
BPCE 14 Psychopathology   4
BPCE 15 Industrial and Organizational Psychology   4
BPCE 17 Introduction to Counseling Psychology   4
BPCE 18 Neuropsychology   4
BPCE 19 Environmental Psychology   4
BPCE 21 Forensic Psychology   4
BPCE 21* Practicals in Clinical Psychology OR
Practicals in Industrial &
Orgnisational Psychology OR
Practicals in Counseling Psychology
BPCE 23* Internship in Psychology   4
  IGNOU BA airthmatics Subjects    
MTE 1 Calculus   4
MTE 4 Elementary Algebra   2
MTE 5 Analytical Geometry (Both got to be chosen at once) 2
MTE 2 Linear Algebra   4
MTE 6 Abstract Algebra (Both got to be chosen at once) 4
MTE 7 Advanced Calculus   4
MTE 8 Differential Equations (Both got to be chosen at once) 4
MTE 9 Real Analysis   4
MTE 10 Numerical Analysis (Both got to be chosen at once) 4
MTE 11 Probability and Statistics   4
MTE 12 Linear Programming (Both got to be chosen at once) 4
MTE 13 Discrete Mathematics   4
MTE 14 Mathematical Modeling (Both got to be chosen at once) 4



  1. A psychology course will not be offered to ignou ba general students. And it is compulsory for ignou ba major students.
  2. BPCE 22 is a theory course of BPCE14/ BPCE15 / BPCE17 as mentioned above table.
  3. The student from the ignou ba course(major), for them it is mandatory to choose 4 credits from BPCE 14/BPCE 15/BPCE 17 and 4 credits from BPCE 11/BPCE 13/BPCE 18/ BPCE 19/BPCE 21.

****Psychology course will be available in English only for a time been****

There is also 1-course BRDE(Rural Development in contrast to India) 8 points

The candidates who are enrolling for the Ignou BA Course(major) with sociology have the opportunity to be select this BRDE course.


Students who will complete or gain 96 credits in any of them will be awarded a BA Major degree And the students who will complete or gain 48 credits will be awarded a BA General degree.

Students who so willing to go for BA (Major) course in Mathematics,

Has to be completed 40 credits with MTE 1, MTE 2, MTE 4 and MTE 9 (in all worth 28 credits). Moreover, the student should not go for this option by coming from BPP (BACHELOR’S PREPARATORY PROGRAMME) exam.

Students and candidates whoever want mathematics course with Ignou BA Course should be a mathematics student in class 10+2 otherwise it is really difficult for the student to clear the exam.

If candidates choose

  1. MTE 1 with MTE7 to MTE 10
  2. MTE 7 with MTE 11
  3. MTE 7 with MTE 8
  4. MTE 8 with MTE 14

this pattern will help the students to study related courses easily.


Students can attend the Laboratory course at the study center made available by the ignou. Sometimes a student can also change their study center if facing difficulties.


Indra Gandhi National Open University, Ignou BA Course also comprises of application in the courses. These courses are specially developed for the students so that students can get the advantage of the course. Ignou BA course application stands for the application of skills, For example, Feature Writing, etc.

When the student is in 3 (third) year the student has to pick up the application courses this almost worth around 16 credit.

While choosing one of the listed application course make sure that you will take the benefit of the course in the future.

Candidates can select a minimum of 8 credits worth of ignou ba application course from this group.

Candidates can also select a maximum of 16 credits from this ignou ba application course mention in the table below.

List of Ignou BA Application courses

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
AFW(E) Feature Writing (English) 4
BHDA 101 4
AWR(E) Writing for Radio (English) 4
BRPA 101 Writing for Radio in Hindi 4
ATR 1 Translation (English) 8
ACC 1 Organizing Child Care Services 8
ANC 1 Nutrition for the Community 8
AHE 1** Human Environment (6 Credits Theory + 2 Credits Project) 8
AMK 1* Marketing 4
AED 1* Export Procedure and Documentation 4
AOM 1* Office Organization and Management 4
ASP 1* Secretarial Practice 4
AMT 1** Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (6 Credit Theory + 2 Credit Project) 8
ACS 1 Consumer Studies 8
CTE 3 Teaching Strategies 4
CTE 4 Teaching English-Elementary 4
CTE 5 Teaching English-Secondary School (With CTE 3 take anyone either CTE 4 or CTE 5) 4
AST 1*** Statistical Techniques 4
AOR 1 Operational Research 4
+AEC 1* Environmental Chemistry (6 Credit Theory + 2 Credit Project) 8
APM 1* Integrated Pest Management 8
BCOA 1 Business Communication and Entrepreneurship (In English Only) 4
  • Some listed ignou ba application course has a combination of project and theory, where theory consists of 6 credit and project consist of credit of 2.

            The project has to be submitted to the regional center in case of  

            Delhi the project submitted at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068,


  • Students can take any course mentioned in the above table with the combination of the course of at least 4 credit courses to make up 8 credits in total.

The students are free to choose any ignou ba application course they want. The purpose of this course is to develop the student at their full potential. The student learns and gets practical knowledge as well.

Documents required for Ignou BA Course Admission Process 

Candidates who are willing to take the IGNOU BA COURSE fill the form with these documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Phone number
  • E-mail Id
  • Photograph 
  • The academic certificates ( class 10, class 12 and bachelors degree, etc)
  • Work Experience Certificate
  • Soft copy of Signature (in the online mode of form submission)

Just in case if the form applied by offline mode the hard copy is needed (obviously photocopy of original documents) otherwise in online mode you have to apply with a scanned copy of the original documents (soft copy). 

You should apply this form with entrance fees Rupees 1000*

by debit card, in case online transaction charges will apply* or in offline only need 1000* rupees this time.

Documents specification is

What are the subject in BA history

Candidates who are applying through online mode of form submission 

are requested to upload the scanned copy of documents

such as Photograph, Signature and other documents, etc.


Documents should not be blurred otherwise the application form will be rejected. Make sure the scanned copy is not blurred.

Scanned Documents Size Format

Photograph 10 kb – 200 kb. JPG/JPEG

Signature 4 kb – 30 kb. JPG/JPEG (make a table of it)

************Late Fees should be applied********** 

“Students have to fill the Ignou Ba Course forms and submitted to the regional center but nowadays the ignou university has changed the offline mode to online mode known student have to fill and submit the form online”


In some regional centers, Ignou still accepts the offline mode of the submission form.

You can contact the helpline numbers…(page link of helpline number)

site map

Minimum Duration: 3 Years

 Maximum Duration: 6 Years

 Course Fee: Rs. 6,000

 Minimum Age: No bar 

 Maximum Age: No bar 


All details mentioned above are taken from the official source.

we wanted to help all the candidates who want to become part of this 


we hope we have mentioned all the problems or questions that you are looking for. If not you can list your questions in the comment section and we will try to solve your queries.

If any suggestion please comment down below we will try to improve.

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